About Me

Soloflyt.com is all about what I love to do best: Eat (Vegetarian Food s), Travel and destination s, and a little Rest & Relaxation all by myself, with loved ones, and with group of friends.

I would love to share these experiences to you, as well as learn from your experiences too. My family circle is all over the Philippines, which is why I was able to start traveling at a very young age. This could have been where my confidence started to build up, especially when traveling solo.

Traveling all by myself gives me the opportunity to immerse myself more, because of full control of my own time and pace, especially that I’m very interested in learning about the culture of other’s and their way of life.

Getting first hand information and experiencing differences in lifestyles and traditions is a very uplifting experience. It provides insights on how differences in their way of life can possibly help on improving own’s community, and how similarities can help sustain improvements.

On the other hand, as the saying goes “No man is an island”, which is why I also love to travel in groups, since it can be more fun and I can just totally let go of my time and be with the tide.

Moreover, I am just an ordinary budget traveler, who also aspires to inspire anyone at my level that they too can travel, sans having too much money. All we need is careful planning, as well as correct budgeting, which is what I have always done in my trips, not just local, but also international. And, to help you get started with your travel goals, I have also posted and will continue to post, Tourist Visas Application Tips, as well as budgeting for your travel plans, and how to look for great and amazing travel deals online.

So, without much delay; welcome to my site, and do make yourself at home. Please feel free to navigate anywhere and stumble upon any articles that you may find interesting. You can also find me on my YouTube channel.

Thank you!