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CEB Super Pass Voucher – Error during payment processing

Updated: Jun 12

This morning I purchased a CEB Super Pass, and unfortunately, I received an error during the processing of the payment. I checked my credit card, and it showed that I was charged for the transaction, however I did not get any voucher from Cebu Pacific at all.

I am also new to CEB Super Pass, and so I did a little research, and here’s what I learned.

What is CEB Super Pass

CEB Super Pass is a single-use voucher sold by Cebu Pacific that can be purchased by any individual, and it provides flexibility on trip planning because you can redeem the voucher for a flight ticket for a certain length of time. Best of all, the CEB Super Pass can also be given as a gift, just by indicating the complete passenger’s real name, instead of yours, at the time of purchase.

“Cebu Pacific was able to re-send my voucher and was able to resolve the issue. I was very happy with the resolution and the overall support...”

The cost of one (1) CEB Super Pass voucher is definitely very easy on the pocket; its base fare is only PHP 99, plus an Administrative Fee of PHP 250 and a Value Added Tax of PHP 41.88, giving you a total of only PHP 390.88 for each voucher. However, other fees, taxes and charges may apply depending on your chosen destination, during redemption.

There is no limit to how many CEB Super Passes that you can purchase; however, it is only limited to ten (10) vouchers per transaction. If you wish to purchase more; you simply need to make another transaction.

Pls take note, the CEB Super Pass is non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose details (name) were specified during the purchase.

How we Solved the Issue

And, here’s what I did to resolve the issue. I sent a twitter inquiry to Cebu Pacific detailing the issue, and asking them how we can resolve the problem. I am very optimistic this will be resolved soon, since I already have a lot of travel plans ahead, and I definitely could use one of this “CEB Super Pass”.

09/11/2021 9:52AM: I am still waiting for a response from Cebu Pacific. It appears I was indeed charged, because I received an official receipt from them but without any voucher.

09/12/2021 8:05PM: Finally, Cebu Pacific was able to re-send my voucher and was able to resolve the issue. I was very happy with the resolution and the overall support that I received. If you have any issues with your CEB Super Pass, Cebu Pacific can easily be contacted through their twitter account at https://twitter.com/CebuPacificAir

Should you wish to know more about CEB Super Pass, or if you would like to read the Frequently Asked Questions and Answer, as well as the CEB Super Pass terms and conditions, you may visit this website: https://book.cebupacificair.com/Vouchers/Select