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Free Access to Starbucks 35th Floor at the Taipei 101 World Trade Center

Updated: Jun 13

If you want to avoid paying a hefty fee to catch a cityscape view of Taipei, the Starbucks at the 35th of Taipei 101 World Trade Center offers almost just the same, but without the entrance fee.

Here are the guidelines:

You need to have a reservation at least one (day) ahead of your intended day of visit by. In my case, it was two (2) days ahead, since the next day was already fully booked. You need to call +866 2 8101 0701 for your reservations. You will be asked for your name, where you came from, and you will be given a reservation number which you need to keep. It’ll be asked on the day of your visit.

DRESSCODE: This is a business district/establishment; dress casually. You may be refused entry should you be wearing slippers, shorts, sando, etc.

On the Day of your visit, come early – at least 10 minutes from your appointment and just tell the guard that you have a reservation at the Starbucks at the 35th Floor.

Upon entry, just go straight to the lobby and wait for the Starbucks representative to pick you up. The representative will also give you a number, which will be your priority number, towards selecting a seat inside the store.

Minimum Spend Requirement: Each person needs to spend at least NT $200, which is good enough to cover your coffee and your light breakfast for the day.

Maximum Stay: There is a time limit of 90 minutes. (Extensions are not allowed, since another customer will be taking over…). Once you’re ready to go, just head straight to the elevator and go down…

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How to get here

Just go down at the Taipei 101 Station ➔ Follow the arrows that will lead you to the exit, where the building is located at.

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