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KLOOK Pocket WiFi rental in Taipei, Taiwan; Unlimited use for 3 days

There was a lot of Taiwan hotspots or free WiFi that can be used by the public, however, getting my own mobile 4G Pocket WiFi was my wisest decision. On my own, I felt more confident navigating the streets of Taipei because of the mobile internet connectivity. And best of all, renting the device was very easy too.

Few days before my arrival, I booked the device through KLOOK where I only paid P208.30, after getting a discount of -P64.70. If you too are using KLOOK for the first time, you could also get a credit up to ₱160.30 towards your first activity, just sign-up through this link: https://www.klook.com/invite/KEUS7

Klook is an online concierge for you to explore, book, and enjoy exclusive deals on unique travel experiences!”

After passing the Arrival X-rays, you can get your KLOOK 4G pocket WiFi at the “Unite Traveler” desk – at the very end of the building, at the end of the “walkalator” where you will pass should you take the bus going to Taipei City.

After presenting your voucher, they will give you a form to fill-up. And of course, since these devices are not “cheap” they will require a security deposit, either in “cash” or using a “credit card” which they will never charge, unless you don’t return the device in the same condition when you got it.